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4.0 InDusTry

Experts believe Industry 4.0 will drive a century of advancements over five years

How IoT Will CHange Our Lives

 IoT devices will have a significant impact on many aspects of our lives including how we live, drive, and farm animals and crops.


En este mes de Octubre estamos celebrando nuestros 17 años como empresa, cada vez creciendo mas y cumpliendo nuestros propósitos.

Estamos seguros que nuestra historia continuará muchos años más...


FaCTs aBouT HumanITy

Almost 4.57 billion people 

were active internet users as of July 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population.

We estimate there are

4 million 

telecom towers installed in the world, growing at a rate of 4.1% to 2020.

87 percent

According to the International Energy Agency, an OECD intergovernmental organization, about 87 percent of the world's population has access to electricity.